Field Service Management

Field Service Management: Enhance service profitability and customer loyalty with Field Service Management.

In today’s context, field service organizations strive to modernize business processes with technology for increased efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and customer focus.

Automating the field Service process linking operations and stakeholders.

Field Service Management (FSM) solutions are vital in linking field service operations, partners, and customers, connecting stakeholders like customers, managers, technicians, and executives. They enhance communication, streamline processes, and improve overall business performance.

AI-powered FSM Solution from TruVisor

Having accumulated nearly two decades of experience in IT Service Management and Enterprise Service Management, TruVisor understands the importance of software simplicity in enabling customers to quickly realize the benefits of solutions without extensive consulting or engineering resources.  We work with leading brands to offer customized FSM solutions to enhance productivity, accelerate customer response and boost customer satisfaction for your customers.

TruVisor FSM Turns Cost Centers into Profit Centers

Enchance Service Profitability

FSM enhances service profitability by enhancing field visibility, increasing resource utilization, and fostering collaboration among support and field teams.

Accelerate Service Response

FSM accelerates service response by empowering field teams to enhance their agility, decrease the need for multiple visits, and increase task efficiency, ultimately enabling them to deliver faster, more effective service.

Boost customer satisfaction

FSM enhances customer satisfaction by fostering trust and loyalty through seamless appointment scheduling, improved adherence to service level agreements (SLAs), and expedited service delivery.

TruVisor FSM Help bridges your field service operation Gaps and Connecting your Stakeholders.

Dispatching and Scheduling

FSM software streamlines the dispatching and scheduling process, ensuring that field technicians are assigned tasks efficiently based on their skills, availability, and proximity to the service location.

Spare Parts and Inventory Management

FSM solutions help optimize inventory levels by tracking spare parts and equipment in real-time. This ensures that field technicians have the right parts on hand, reducing downtime and the need for multiple service visits.

Work Order Processing

FSM software automates work order creation, tracking, and management. It ensures that all relevant information is captured, minimizing errors and delays associated with manual paperwork.

Asset Management


FSM enables organizations to maintain a comprehensive database of assets and equipment, including maintenance history and warranty information.

Contracts and Warranty Management

FSM solutions assist in managing service contracts and warranties, ensuring that services are delivered in accordance with agreements and warranties are honored.

Inspections and Reporting


FSM facilitates efficient inspections and reporting processes. Field technicians can capture data, photos, and notes in real-time, enabling better documentation and compliance.

Invoicing and Billing


FSM automates invoicing and billing processes, allowing for accurate and timely billing based on completed service tasks.

What does TruVisor FSM Do for your Business?

Demand Management

  • Omnichannel Service Support Channels
  • Conversational UI
  • Chatbots



  • Scheduling dashboards
  • Automations
  • Map View
  • Live Tracking
  • AI-based Assignment



  • Mobile Apps
  • Navigation
  • Knowledge Base
  • Offline Mode
  • Checklists, Forms, and Signature Capture
  • Multi-Lingual

Work Order


  • Photo Capture
  • Customer Signature
  • Edit Service Tasks
  • Time Tracking



  • Asset Management
  • Asset Linking
  • Asset History

Analytics and Integrations

  • Field Performance Tracking
  • SLA Tracking
  • Invoicing and Reporting
  • Asset Reports

FSM Functionalities

  • Demand Management: Streamline demand with omnichannel integration, utilizing conversational UI and chatbots for seamless task descriptions and efficient customer interactions.
  • Dispatching and Scheduling: FSM optimizes task allocation based on technician skills, availability, and location, eliminating delays from manual scheduling.
  • Parts and Inventory: Real-time tracking ensures field technicians have correct parts, minimizing downtime.
  • Work Orders: Automates creation, monitoring, and management, reducing errors and delays.
  • Asset Management: Comprehensive database extends asset lifespan and boosts operational efficiency.
  • Contracts and Warranties: Ensures adherence to service agreements and warranty terms.
  • Compliance Management: Streamlines data capture for improved documentation and regulatory compliance.
  • Invoicing and Billing: Automates accurate and timely billing based on service completion.

How FSM leverage Mobile Technologies?

FSM solutions can leverage mobile solutions to provide enhanced support in several ways:

  • Mobile access to information: Field technicians can access FSM software through mobile devices, giving them real-time access to job details, customer information, manuals, and troubleshooting guides.
  • Mobile scheduling and dispatching: Mobile FSM applications allow technicians to receive and update job assignments in real-time.
  • Mobile collaboration and communication: Mobile FSM solutions facilitate seamless collaboration and communication between field technicians, supervisors, and the back office.
  • Mobile inventory management: Mobile FSM applications enable technicians to access inventory information, check stock availability, and request or order parts while on-site.
  • Mobile customer interactions: FSM mobile solutions allow technicians to interact directly with customers on-site.
  • Mobile reporting and analytics: Field technicians can input data and observations directly into the mobile FSM application, eliminating the need for manual paperwork.

“ By leveraging mobile solutions, FSM applications extend the functionality and accessibility of the system to field technicians, enabling them to work more efficiently, communicate effectively, access necessary information, and provide excellent customer service while on the go. ”

TruVisor FSM benefits that help Elevate Your Field Service Operations.

Efficient scheduling


FSM solutions automate scheduling and dispatching processes, optimizing resource allocation and reducing response times.

Real-time visibility


FSM solutions provide real-time updates on job status and technician locations, enabling better tracking, coordination, and timely updates to customers.

Improved communication and coordination

FSM solutions offer centralized communication platforms, ensuring seamless information exchange between field technicians and the back office, reducing delays and miscommunication.

Streamlined inventory management

FSM solutions track inventory in real-time, optimizing spare parts usage, minimizing repair delays, and ensuring prompt fulfillment of service requests.

Enhanced data and analytics

FSM solutions gather comprehensive data, providing valuable insights for informed decision-making, trend identification, and process optimization.

Consistent service quality

FSM solutions enforce standardized processes and workflows, promoting consistent service delivery across field operations, resulting in improved customer experiences.

Compliance management

FSM solutions automate compliance-related tasks, such as record-keeping and reporting, simplifying regulatory obligations and reducing the risk of errors.

“ By leveraging FSM solutions, customers can streamline their field service operations, improve efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, and achieve better business outcomes. ”

Success Story

Certis Technology Services (CTS) modernized its security asset field maintenance with TruVisor’s FSM app. This streamlined operations, optimized engineer tracking, and empowered decision-making. FSM’s versatility and offline capability ensured seamless workflows. CTS achieved 30% increased productivity and elevated customer satisfaction and empowered decision-making. TruVisor extended this success with workflow automation for Certis’ project implementation group. This showcases FSM’s role in enhancing transparency, accountability, and service excellence.



The power of no-code automation platform

Driving the efficiency and intelligence behind TruVisor’s Field Service Mobile (FSM) solutions is a cutting-edge Business Process Management (BPM) software. This seamless orchestration is made possible through an advanced, no-code BPM platform from Ivanti, Decisions, or Freshworks.

Leveraging the benefits of no-code software, these platforms help simplify and accelerate the customization and deployment of workflows. The no-code approach ensures rapid development and adaptability without requiring extensive coding expertise, allowing customers to swiftly optimize workflows, coordinate maintenance tasks, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

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