Certis Case Study

Certis Case Study

Championing Continuous Excellence: Certis Transforms Maintenance Operations through Innovation

As a leading advanced integrated security organisation that develops and delivers multi-disciplinary security and integrated services, Certis is always looking to more effectively and better serve its customers with innovative yet sustainable solutions.

In Singapore, this mission is supported by Certis Technology Singapore (CTS), who create, integrate, and maintain technology solutions to match the specific security and operational needs of customers. Technology serves as a crucial tool for Certis in the adoption of its Operational-Design First approach, which offers comprehensive, integrated solutions encompassing advanced facilities management, security and customer service.

To enable it to provide excellent service to its customers, CTS deployed a Field Service Mobile (FSM) application on a Service Management platform in 2017 to manage its workflow for scheduled and ad-hoc maintenance jobs and track its field assets and parts inventory.

The FSM provides the CTS Fault Management Centre with the real-time status and location of every active Field Engineer, and together with their work history, is able to recommend the appropriate engineer for new jobs as they arise. Reporting tools that give insights into the engineers’ performance and the availability and deployment of resources also allow management to better understand and plan for the business.

The FSM also includes a component for field engineers, giving them visibility of their work schedule, timely updates of their active cases, and the necessary information to complete their tasks effectively. It also lets them update their job status, ensuring the Fault Management Centre is kept abreast of the situation in the field and can respond to any unexpected events before they impact Service Level Agreements.

Continuous Excellence

Given its proven and successful deployment, CTS expanded the FSM Service Management platform to its project team in 2020 with a Project Administration Management Module (PAMM). This has enabled the project team to track the management and execution of its projects, from the project Bill of Materials to deliverables and sign-offs, all from an integrated system instead of disparate, siloed systems.

The use of PAMM has resulted in enhanced agility and flexibility for the project team.

  • Productivity Boost: Project team members receive prompt notifications about new job assignments and follow-up tasks for closed jobs through PAMM, along with relevant work details. This eliminates the need for management to prepare email notifications, reducing errors and ensuring team members stay informed.
  • Streamlined Efficiency: Material and Purchase requisitions are efficiently triggered and monitored via PAMM, replacing the traditional and less effective modes of emails, messages and physical meetings.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Project team members can effortlessly access project information online, granting them greater autonomy and self-reliance in structuring their work and schedule.
  • Accessible Insights: PAMM’s search function facilitates rapid online retrieval of job specifics and related details, replacing the cumbersome process of searching through diverse physical and digital project files.
  • Seamless Handovers: The transfer of completed projects from the project implementation team to the maintenance team now flows seamlessly, as all essential project information resides within PAMM. Physical handover meetings between the project and maintenance teams can be kept to a minimum.

By improving internal processes, reducing errors, and enabling efficient communication and decision-making, PAMM has essentially further enhanced CTS’s service delivery, resulting in a more positive customer experience.

In its unwavering pursuit of excellence, CTS has identified two focus areas to further enhance PAMM and optimize its utilization of the Service Management platform.

  • Timely Data Transfer: Ensuring timely data porting between PAMM and other systems. This will facilitate the smooth execution of requisition requests and the automation of background processes.
  • User Interface Enhancements: Elevating the User Interface to provide an even more user-friendly and intuitive experience for enhanced ease-of-use and better efficiency.



“Our commitment at Certis Technology Singapore is to harness technological innovations to elevate customer service and operational performance. Through tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of clients, and strategic deployments like the Field Service Mobile app, we aim to empower our teams to deliver timely and efficient solutions, ensuring that customer satisfaction remains at the heart of everything we do.”

– David Lim, Senior Manager, Certis Technology Singapore




“At Truvisor, we stand alongside Certis Technology Singapore in their pursuit of continuous excellence. Through our partnership, we are dedicated to enabling CTS achieve its vision of exceptional service delivery and technological advancement.”

– Willie Yap, Director of Digitalization and Automation, Truvisor



Other ongoing series of enhancements can also be expected at CTS, as it strives to provide top-notch service in line with evolving business requirements and customer preferences.