Reduce Risk With SIEM Security

  • Get real-time security alerts and responses with LogRhythm’s SIEM platform
  • Quickly detect and respond to security threats with our unified security event collection
  • Reduce the risk of data breaches and security incidents with our comprehensive platform
  • Integrate with leading security technologies for a complete security posture
  • Get started quickly and easily with our simple, user-friendly platform

SIEM &  Compliance Audit

– SIEM: Protects your organization from cyber-attacks with our industry-leading SIEM and threat detection and response solutions

– Compliance and Audit:  Complies with regulatory requirements and maintain an audit trail of security events with our comprehensive compliance and audit management solution.

Incident Respond & Log Management Analysis

– Incident response solution: Helps organizations to quickly and effectively respond to security incidents

– Log Management and Analysis:  Provides a comprehensive log management and analysis solution, allowing organizations to collect, store, and analyze log data from a variety of sources

Network End Point Protection & UEBA

– Network End Point Protection: Keeps your data safe with our award-winning security intelligence and analytics platform

– User and Entity Behavior Analytic: UEBA solution provides advanced user and entity behavior analytics, using machine learning to identify and respond to suspicious activity

Ready To Defend.

LogRhythm helps security operations teams protect critical data and infrastructure from cyber threats.

Get unmatched visibility, detection, and response.

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“We’re doing almost 10,000 EPS right now, and we have between 5000 and 6000 servers and a couple of thousand network devices more or less…Mostly for us, the most valuable feature is its aggregation of all the logs into a single platform and then doing the real-time monitoring based on that.”

Security Architecture at a leisure /travel company



“LogRhythm has been very successful for us is in this year’s penetration test. I caught the pen testers five times in the course of their duties. That was just great ammunition to show that this works.” 

Seth Shestack, deputy CISCO at Temple University



“LogRhythm has helped us gain visibility into events that we didn’t have before at all. We have a lot of remote locations… and we have a lot of difficulties trying to keep an eye on things, and the solutions lets us have agents running almost anywhere we want.”

Aaron Mueller, security analyst at Xanterra.

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“The LogRhythm NERC compliance modules are probably the best thing. And the system monitors, [gives] you get an eagle-eye view and then delve down granularly. The ease of that is pretty amazing.”

– Network security professional at an energy company

The Single Source of Truth

See how UEBA detects and stops an insider threat