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Data Management

If you’re looking for a database management solution that will save you time and hassle, Quest is a perfect choice. As a top-ranked ISV for database management software tools, you can trust Quest to help you simplify your data environment. Millions of data professionals use our software worldwide, so you know you’re getting the best possible database management solution.

  • 95% of the Fortune 500 Trust Quest Software
  • 75% improved resolution time.
  • 95%+ customer satisfaction

Toad Data Management Solution

Toad by Quest is a database management toolset used in database development, database administration and data analysis to simplify workflows, create high quality code free from defects, automate frequent or repetitive processes, and minimize risks. Millions of users trust Toad for their most critical systems and data environments. By enabling a proactive approach to database management, Toad allows teams to focus on more strategic initiatives and move the business forward in today’s data-driven economy.

Microsoft Platform Management

Quest Microsoft Platform Management ̶ the solution for managing and securing your Microsoft platforms. With Quest, you can focus on innovation instead of worrying about maintaining your systems. Our award-winning tools have been used to migrate, secure and manage more than 180 million users and by organizations of all sizes to migrate, manage, and secure data across on-premises, cloud-based, and hybrid platforms.

GPO Admin

Do you feel like your Active Directory group policies are out of control? Toad Quest GPOAdmin helps you take control of your Active Directory group policies. It provides an easy-to-use interface for managing and governing your GPOs. With Toad Quest GPOAdmin, you can automate critical Group Policy management and governance tasks to reduce risk.  It allows the user to quickly search, administer, compare, update, and roll back GPOs to ensure consistency and avoid long-term GPO proliferation.

Unified Endpoint Management

As your hybrid workforce evolves, a unified endpoint management strategy gives you the flexibility you need to continue with traditional management while you also implement modern endpoint management best practices.

KACE® by Quest supports your unified endpoint management (UEM) strategy by helping you discover and track every device in your environment, automate administrative tasks, keep compliance requirements up-to-date and secure your network from a range of cyberthreats. With KACE, you can effectively address your endpoint management needs with individual products for specific tasks or as an integrated UEM solution.

KACE Desktop Authority

Use KACE Desktop Authority to eliminate the hassle of deploying and securing network-connected devices by customizing them at first login. Easily configure firewall and browser security settings for physical, virtual, and published Windows environments.

With KACE Desktop Authority, you can proactively configure, manage and secure each unique user workspace through a single console-minimize the hassles of deploying individual devices by customizing them at first login while configuring firewalls to suit your needs perfectly!

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