Identity Security Domain

It’s time to Step Up your Identity Security !

In the new digital era, the traditional approach of managing security components in isolation, such as Active Directory, Privileged Users, Common Users, and Identity Governance and Administration, is no longer effective. It’s time for a unified approach that addresses operational and security challenges head-on, leaving no room for vulnerabilities.

Experience the Power of Unified Identity Security Solutions Stack

Presenting the Unified Identity Security solutions stack that comprehensively addresses your operational and security challenges. Explore the synergy of the leading technologies that form the backbone of Truvisor’s Identity Security Domain Solutions, empowering an organization’s identity management landscape with unparalleled security.

Active Directory Security

Fortify Active Directory: Enhanced Protection and Improve Operational Efficiency.

Explore how our Unified Identity Solution enhances Active Directory security to mitigate the risk of insider threats and safeguard critical systems and data.


  • Simplify AD migration, Backup and Recovery, and daily user management.
  • Address security concerns like AD Change & Configurations, Password Risk Control, and Orphaned accounts maintenance.

Privileged Users Security (PAM)

Securing Privileged user Credentials: Preventing Unauthorized Elevation of Privileges.

Experience comprehensive security for privileged users with granular access control. Benefits:

  • Integration and automation of robust Password Management to streamline operations.
  • Enhance security access control management, Track privileged user and session activities, and detect unauthorized actions.

Common Users Security: Identity Access Management

Seamless security that streamlined operation and security management

Empower your organization with our IAM features that enhance common user security.

  • Streamline operations with Single Sign-on (SSO), Password-less & Self-service Portal, and CIAM.
  • Strengthen Security with robust multi-factor authentication (MFA) and Unified User and Application Management.
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Policy & Governance (IGA) 

Elevate Compliance: Implement Identity Governance Best Practices.

Experience enhanced compliance and streamlined identity governance. Benefits

  • Streamline governance with standardizing policy control, auto on-boarding, and off-boarding, and attestation of users.
  • Implement and enforce industry compliance best practices, identity lifecycle management, and governance.

Is Your Application Safe?

Threat Detection and Response

While AD security, IAM, PAM and IGA focus on managing access privileges and controlling user authentication into applications, they may not provide comprehensive visibility into anomalous or activities related to application attacks on-premise and in the cloud.


Vectra AI provides real-time visibility and proactive alerts – detects compromised user accounts, insider threats, and unauthorized access attempts that evade traditional security measures.

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Act Now! Contact Us for a Complementary Security Assessment

Active Directory Hygiene Assessment

Complementary reports for “Active Directory Domain Summary”, “Identity and Flag Out Orphan Accounts”, “Audi Assigned Admin Account Permission” and “Verification of Account Grouping”

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M365 Ops & Security Posture Assessment

Complementary reports for “M365 Security Posture Summary”, “M365 Suspicious Activities Account”, “M365 Unusual eDiscovery Search Accounts”, and “M365 Suspicious Mail Forwarding Accounts”.

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