Vectra Security AI-driven Attack Signal Intelligence™

Vectra AI helps you to detect and respond to cyberattacks in minutes. 

Harnessing Attack Signal Intelligence to detect, hunt, and investigate known and unknown threats in real-time. Empower your security team to identify attacks at the earliest possible stage and stop them before they become breaches.

Vectra AI for Hybrid Cloud

The siloed approach to detecting threats in the hybrid cloud world blinds you to compromised users, accounts, roles, and misconfigurations.  Attackers are targeting user accounts more than ever to gain access to valuable cloud-based data and services.


Vectra’s Network Detection and Response (NDR) platform integrates with the cloud applications and services you use daily. Vectra NDR is the only network detection and response platform that correlates attacker activities across all hybrid and cloud environments and combines it with user accounts and identity data. We understand attacker behavior, and our AI-driven technology spots these attacks and locks them down before they cause damage, whether by outside attackers or malicious insiders.

Find out how Vectra protects your Hybrid cloud environment.

Vectra for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure

M365 and Azure AD Accounts are being taken over at an alarming rate, costing businesses money. Security teams are wasting valuable time chasing benign activity when they could be focusing on real threats.


Vectra’s AI-based security systems can help you detect and prevent account takeovers before they happen. Our systems use machine learning to differentiate malicious activity from normal user behavior, so you can get the alerts you need to keep your business safe.


Find out more about Cloud Detection and Response for M365 and Identify Threat Response for Azure AD. 

Vectra for AWS

Traditional security solutions are not designed to handle the complexities of cloud and multi-cloud deployments.

Security teams struggle to gain visibility into attacks that originate from or move through the cloud. With complete visibility, these teams can prevent data breaches in AWS.

The Vectra platform provides 360-degree visibility into hidden cyberattacks in hybrid and multi-cloud deployments. With actionable insights delivered in real-time, security teams can quickly detect and respond to threats, preventing data breaches in AWS.

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Why Vectra: AI driven tools to protect your business data

Secure your Cloud, Microsoft, AWS Environment with a AI driven security tools.
Vectra threats and detection response to threats in 1 minutes.



Stimulates as a attacker behavior to better detect and response to incoming threats.



AI triage to analyze detection patterns, reduce up to 80% false alerts.



Vectra AI enables analysts to focus on responding to critical threats thus lowering business risk.

Understanding the latest AI Threats Detection Tools

See how Vectra AI helps you to secure your business.