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The digitalisation of processes involves enhanced visibility in resource and project management. This will fuel enterprises with valuable insights when making crucial business decisions. With years of experience in deployment, integration, and implementation of multi-vendor solutions, TruVisor strives to make your organisation future-proof.


Simplifying The Process

HR Service Management

Your human resources (HR) team will benefit from the automation and digitisation of paperwork, allowing them to engage more with people across the organisation.

Finance Shared Services

Organisations can cultivate a performance-driven culture and eliminate redundancy in financial shared services by digitalising and automating operations.

Project & Portfolio management

Help project managers spearhead the collection, analysis process, and deployment of resources to deliver timely projects and programs via digitalised approaches.

Field Service Support

With a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) model, organisations can access the power of field services, such as smart scheduling and resource management via mobile devices.

Data Center Automation

Digitalisation and automation in data centres will minimise reliance on human intervention and substantially augment applications of data storage and management.

Cloud Service Management

Automated cloud service management can augment cloud-inspired technologies by streamlining the management of IT environments, freeing up valuable resources.

Facilities Management

Digitalisation and automation help management leaders regulate expenses and minimise operational overheads.

IT Service Management

IT service management will gain from simplifying and automating various day-to-day operations of IT infrastructure, resources, and personnel.

Asset and Facilities Management

By introducing digitalised processes and automated systems, your organisation can make more informed decisions when governing IT assets and facilities, strengthening its overall portfolio.

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