Solving Your Content Security Challenges with Votiro

Votiro™ZT Cloud is an open API-based content security system designed to disarm, analyze, and deliver fully functional content at the pace of business. It provides comprehensive protection against a wide range of threats.

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Protect Your Business with Votiro

  • Zero-Day Threat Mitigation: Votiro neutralizes evolving threats, including zero-day exploits, ensuring your organization remains protected.
  • Secure Remote Work: With the rise of remote work, Votiro safeguards remote employees against file-based attacks, enabling a secure work environment.
  • Content-Rich App Protection: Applications dealing with vast amounts of content benefit from Votiro’s content security, preventing malicious files from causing harm.
  • Data Lake Security: Votiro ensures that your data lakes remain secure, protecting sensitive information from threats.
  • Supply Chain Security: Collaborate confidently with partners knowing that Votiro has your supply chain covered against potential vulnerabilities.

Votiro’s Content Security Highlights

  • Deep Analysis: Meticulous file dissection and removal of threats.
  • Content Disarm & Reconstruct: Safely renders files inert while maintaining functionality.
  • Behavioral Analysis: Continuous monitoring for unusual activities.
  • Signature-Less Protection: Identifies and neutralizes threats without known signatures.
  • Seamless Integration: Easy deployment in email, file sharing, and endpoints.
  • Continuous Updates: Proactive threat protection against evolving risks.

Votiro’s Technologies

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Votiro for Web Browser

Prevents hidden threats in files downloaded from the web without impacting employee productivity.


Votiro for Email Web

Secures every email that enters your organization.


Votiro for File Transfer

Blocks hidden threats in incoming documents, integrating smoothly with existing technologies to maintain process efficiency.

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VotiroWeb Application API

Secures all file uploads and receive documents completely risk-free


Positive Selection

Unlike traditional detection-based security, Positive Selection identifies and allows only safe elements in each file, ensuring 100% file safety for your organization


Retro Scan

Prevents hidden threats in incoming documents at scale and allows post-sanitization threat identification

Why Votiro?

  • Quick Implementation within 10 mins
  • Seamless integration with existing solutions
  • Simple to use zero training required
  • Cloud or On-Prem Options

Votiro In-Action

Watch our demo showcasing how Votiro ensures the safety of data, files, and content from all entry points, eliminating hidden malware threats.