AMS implemented Decisions IPA to streamline global processes and systems

AMS implemented Decisions IPA to streamline global processes and systems

AMS implemented Decisions to streamline global processes and systems.

Making the Right Decisions includes engaging the Right Experts

UK-based AMS, an outsourcing recruitment company with a 10,000-strong global workforce across the UK, US, Europe and Asia Pacific, wanted to automate their internal business processes and tracking systems and standardise them onto a single platform. This would improve the user experience as users would not need to login and learn how to use multiple systems, and would enable AMS to better integrate and streamline their processes and systems.

AMS decided on the Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) platform from Decisions, as Decisions IPA provided them with the features they were looking for, could be installed on-premises and had a pricing model that appealed to AMS. It also had the added attraction of not requiring substantial coding in developing applications for it.

Making the Right Decisions

AMS started the development of its applications for the Decisions IPA platform in the second half of 2020. However, they soon realised that while Decisions IPA was the right solution for their needs, they did not have the in-house experience to develop and deliver the applications for it.

One year into the deployment of Decisions IPA, they found themselves facing difficulties in developing the applications they wanted, and decided they needed the help of experts who knew Decisions IPA a lot better to develop their applications, which was when they decided to turn to TruVisor.

Working on Decisions

TruVisor met with AMS to understand their application needs and what they wanted to achieve with Decisions IPA. They then worked with AMS to develop a project plan for each of the applications they were to develop, with agreed timelines and key milestones that suited AMS.

Despite the time zone differences, the AMS staff in the UK were able to work extremely well with the TruVisor staff in Singapore. There were daily calls between the TruVisor application developers and the AMS project managers as well as regular checkpoint meetings to keep both the AMS and TruVisor teams abreast of the development status.

The openness and candour at these meetings ensured the application development projects were kept on track, with any issues that arose quickly identified and resolved. Frequent demonstrations held at key stages of application development also ensured that the applications were developed according to how AMS had envisioned them, while constant testing during the application development meant that the applications were built to the high standards they expected.


“The knowledge that the TruVisor team had were excellent, they very quickly understood what we wanted to achieve and got started on the project very quickly. They were reliable to work with and produced results.” Heather Morton, AMS Project Manager.


Solutions and Benefits

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Living with Decisions

Having used Decisions IPA and the applications developed by TruVisor for it, AMS is happy with the flexibility that the Decisions IPA affords, for example, in easily adding additional features and functions when needed. It is also happy with the level of support provided by TruVisor, for example, in working out bugs that were encountered even after the project delivery.

AMS is also happy that Decisions IPA is enabling their staff to work better, and with the Return on Investment it has brought to their business. With that in mind, AMS has already started working on a number of projects on Decisions IPA using their in-house resources. It will of course consider engaging TruVisor when required in the future.


“Working with TruVisor was very easy – they made it a smooth process, and nothing was ever too much. Regardless of the complexity of the project they went over and above to ensure that we were happy with the end product.” Heather Morton, AMS Project Manager.


About TruVisor

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