TruVisor – OneLogin

TruVisor – OneLogin

TruVisor – OneLogin in Providing Secure Internet Access Management Program for Partners

The Market of Tomorrow

The acceleration of digital business is driving investment in new architectures and creating new Identity and Access Management (IAM) challenges. Organizations are initiating digital transformation by driving the adoption of cloud-first solutions that can scale and support remote working, as well as enabling identity-first security for virtualized and legacy environments. They are looking for consistency and visibility to distributed identity systems, applications, and users.

According to KPMG, 92% of businesses plan to increase their investment in identify and access management tools in the coming years. IAM solutions are beneficial not only for users and security admins but also for enterprises as a whole.
Achieve Your Most Critical Priorities and Drive Business Success with TruVisor’s Introduction and Onboarding Program

TruVisor has launched an inclusive partnership approach to enable future success for partner and system integrators with OneLogin – Gartner Leader in Access Management, to maximize partners’ success across business models, customer requirements, success metrics, and strategic priorities.

The program has been designed to benefit System Integrators active in transformation initiatives and provide solution consultancy to deliver and implement customer-centric IAM solutions. TruVisor Partners gain benefits as they are given the capabilities to create new and ongoing revenue streams consistent with the enterprises’ increased demand for the adoption of IAM solutions to improve their user experience and operational efficiency.

Congratulations to Our Newly Certified Partners and Engineers!

Within the past two months, we have been extremely proud to award new OneLogin certified engineers across the Southeast Asian region and welcome them as our esteemed Partners. Not only are they certified engineers, but they can also now go the extra mile as they are capable of utilizing and redistributing OneLogin for their customers – paving the way for a more secure IAM throughout the Southeast Asian region. It is our honour to introduce our newly certified partners and engineers:

Certified Partners:






Certified Engineers:

To get an insider’s perspective on TruVisor’s OneLogin Introduction and Onboarding program, see why partners like to get their company OneLogin certified.

By adding OneLogin to our service portfolio, we can help customers holistically correlate all identities, verify everything before granting access to critical assets and provide real-time visibility into suspicious login activity. With identity at the core, our customers can now implement an adaptive zero trust strategy and dramatically improve their overall cybersecurity posture.

Ow Yang Hann Ming, CEO of Knit Technologies

OneLogin goes beyong just providing IAM features. It's a boundless portfolio opportunity. The fact that we can build up our customizable service upon its features is very appealing. It allows for more strategy creation backed up with a multitude of tools with IAM as a priority. Its ability to give real-time visibility simplifies IGA, MFA, and PAM. Secure, visible IAM is an asset that can't be missed.

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OneLogin Certified Partner Gain More Reward with TruVisor’s Onboarding Program

TruVisor’s onboarding program help partners expand their business with the company’s unified access management platform. Since launching its partner program, partners now source more than 40% of the company’s opportunities.

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Develop Sales and
Technical Excellence

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Go to Market Faster
with Enhanced Tools

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TruVisor – Providing Top-Notch Security, High-Quality Support

TruVisor, the only Value Added Distributor in ASEAN for Onelogin has a proven track record of more than 100 successful digital transformation projects across the Southeast Asian region including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines. TruVisor is capable of delivering solutions for digitalisation, automation, cybersecurity, and cloud management services.

As a company, we place “people” first either towards partners or endpoint users. We prioritize partners’ growth and work towards providing a variety of avenues for them to be certified, get support, and training. Our support system is designed to enhance our partners’ abilities and generate more business value for them. On the end-user side, we aim to provide a secure, reliable, and above all, efficient digital experience.

Expand Your Capabilities with TruVisor and OneLogin

TruVisor and OneLogin are empowering organizations to stay ahead in the game. Grow your business, expand your capabilities, and serve your customers’ needs better in accelerating their digital transformation by integrating a holistic IAM. Whether you are a potential partner or end-user looking for reliable IAM services, we welcome you to speak with us on your IAM requirements.

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