Truvisor Launches 1st Endpoint MSS Program Powered by Tanium

Truvisor Launches 1st Endpoint MSS Program Powered by Tanium

TruVisor Launches 1st Endpoint MSS Program Powered By Tanium

Remote or hybrid working is the new norm. This unprecedented transition has not only opened up new avenues for security risks but has also proven to be a challenge for facilitating endpoint management routines and enabling remote access to critical corporate resources.

Today, TruVisor sees that the market needed a solution that are able to take on and solve the world’s most difficult challenges in endpoint management, compliance and IT ops all in one go by launching the 1st endpoint MSS program powered by Tanium.

Considering Tanium’s distinct capabilities, TruVisor’s Endpoint MSS Program will be able to improve your IT landscape’s visibility, security posture and cyber hygiene with an ease of mind. This comes from Tanium’s recognized technology to accomplished clienteles – which includes almost half of Fortune 100’s companies – being a genuine assurance that TruVisor is once again bringing high quality services for your security.

TruVisor MSS Endpoint Program include:
Copy of Visibility as a Service

Visibility as a Service

Copy of Security Compromise Assessment

Security Compromise Assessment

Copy of Security Attack Mitigation _ Prevention

Security Attack Mitigation & Prevention


Cyber Hygiene Package

Benefits of partners onboarding TruVisor’s Endpoint MSS Program:

  • Expand and Strengthen Service Portfolios: Build up and develop new services or portfolios atop Truvisor Endpoint MSS Packages to increase values for customers.
  • Market-leading Endpoint Tools for Customers: “See Everything, Do Anything” is the revolutionary features and functionality required in end points management for Windows, Linux, and even Mac devices. Ride the wave in the next generation end point management technology for your company.
  • An Edge and Difference in Technology: Truvisor MSS Program is being offered on renowned cloud based environment and take advantage of the added valued features of customized dashboard, reports, and advanced ticketing system.

Moving forward, TruVisor is welcoming any interested parties to engage and onboard with Endpoint MSS Program. Sign up for a Free Trial today!