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TruVisor – Toffs Technologies Blog

TruVisor Brings Toffs Technologies’ Multi-CDN Platform to Greater Heights

TruVisor in optimizing TOFFS Technologies’ Secured multi-CDN platform with Huawei Cloud.

Are your Content Delivery Networks (CDN) up-to-date and ready to tackle the next digital upheaval? Ever since the public first came online, CDNs have been the go-to choice for certain companies across the globe to help with their online presence. We have understood how a good CDN can boost not only your website’s load time but also revenue and productivity (of customers and staff). Even if we have the best CDN a few years ago, is it enough for the online presence and usage that are growing exponentially? It’s time to be more future-oriented.

When a Reliable CDN Meets a Reliable Platform

For close to a decade, TOFFS Technologies has been the leading solutions and service provider for CDNs across the Asia Pacific. As an experienced provider for secured multi-CDN platforms, handling several clients across the region from different industries (including winning a tender to help government agencies mitigate DDoS attacks), TOFFS Technologies is well-versed in what makes up an optimal CDN operation. No surprise, one of the key points in delivering the best CDN operation is by using a good platform. This is where TruVisor comes in.

TruVisor has long been a Huawei cloud partner and has utilized the partnership to build up service portfolios that can adapt and satisfy the needs of any clients or partners. The liaison between TruVisor and TOFFS Technologies is a match made in heaven. Before this, TOFFS Technologies has been using a world-leading CDN platform but the platform proves to be inadequate and has difficulties managing various contents over the network.

TOFFS Technologies at Its Best

By itself, TOFFS Technologies is, as mentioned Asian Pacific leader in Secured CDN Solutions. They are known to improve the customer’s internet security posture, web, and mobile applications performance by developing reliable solutions. They also provide accelerated Speed and Security-as-a-Solution (SaaS) for businesses in all aspects of CDNs. Liaising with TruVisor on Huawei Cloud simply adds value to their existing portfolio resulting in more reliable services supported by a similarly reliable, reputed cloud platform.

With TruVisor/Huawei Cloud Partnership together with TOFFS Technologies, TOFFS sees a huge difference in their operations especially when it comes to;

  • Decreasing the CPU usage of the original server
  • Improving CDN performances and lowering operating costs
  • Downloading faster content worldwide

With that said, if you are a company in the Southeast Asia region looking for future-oriented CDNs, what are you waiting for?