We Cannot Prevent All Dangers, But Every Bit of Help Counts!

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the vulnerabilities of dated entrance and visitor management systems at our workplaces. Even after undergoing a digital transformation, many offices in the country still rely on manual attendance marking systems and physical access cards, which can pose significant health risks to employees in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

How can we leverage the power of technology to keep employees and visitors safe at the workplace?

Contactless Temperature Screening & Facial Recognition Attendance Tracker

SPOT, powered by TruVisor, is a platform that integrates biometric facial recognition, body temperature scanning, and mask detection technology. It provides organisations with contactless access control and other capabilities for safe operations during COVID-19 recovery. It can be used to identify employees clocking into work, capture face databases for staff and visitors, and is integrated with security companies’ systems.


Simplify and Automate Temperature-Screening, Mask-Wearing and Facial Recognition for Enterprises

Temperature Screening

Monitor the temperature of visitors and employees and receive email and push notification alerts when high temperature is detected.

Door Access

Door access with facial recognition, temperature sensing, and mask detection can be configured and installed easily according to client needs.

Fast and Accurate

99% accuracy for facial recognition and fast temperature readings. Less than 0.4 degrees margin of error and face recognition within 0.2 seconds.

Integrated Solution

Able to easily integrate this system with your existing Door Access System, Visitor Management, HR System and Smart Office System without issues.

Temperature Recording

Able to scan the temperature of each visitor and record details such as photo, date, time, and temperature in the system.

Automated Reports

All employees’ and visitors’ records are generated as a report and displayed on the monitor dashboard to easily keep track and access the information.

A single device for temperature screening, mask-wearing detection and facial recognition. Eliminates the need for direct contact!

Real-Time Body Temperature Detection In Public Areas







A Smart Facial and Temperature Integration Platform


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