TruVisor recognises the unique value of forging key partnerships and close collaborations with vendors and partners as we endeavour to provide our clients with the best value propositions possible. That is why we continue to establish strategic alliances with prominent IT players in the market.


Our Partners


Cherwell keeps organisations intact and running, delivering top-tier digital transformation solutions.


Decisions streamlines and transforms key business processes through workflow management and automation solutions.


Start your digital transformation journey with Micro Focus, a UK-based company that provides digitalisation tools for smarter operations.


AWS – the cloud arm of Amazon – offers unchallenged legacy software that unlocks unlimited applications.


Azure is a dominant player in the cloud sphere and has been future-proofing businesses for decades.


Servieaide is revolutionising enterprise service management and customer service support with virtual chatbots.

Solar Winds

Solarwinds offers a suite of scalable and easy-to-deploy solutions to overcome your toughest IT management challenges.

Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere ramps up the productivity and efficiency of end-to-end business processes with intelligent automation.

Hashi Corp

HashiCorp helps businesses transit and transform existing processes seamlessly into a cloud operating model.


Experitest is an industrial leader in providing seamless and developer-friendly quality assurance tools for web and mobile applications.


LAC is a pioneer in delivering quality information security solutions and vast experience in securing a network of enterprise IT infrastructure.


Softmotive powers businesses with robust and powerful RPA to undertake repetitive and mundane tasks to derive more value for money.

Resolve (FixStream)

Resolve elevates the entire IT ecosystem to greater heights with its automation and orchestration platform.


Utimaco upholds world-class security standards by developing and delivering hardware-based and high-security solutions.