NUS Adopted Enterprise Service Management Solution

NUS Adopted Enterprise Service Management Solution

NUS: Pursuing Excellence in Service Delivery

By pursuing innovation and excellence, the National University of Singapore (NUS) has become one of the top-ranked universities in the world. This pursuit of innovation and excellence also extends to its supporting administrative functions, where its recent implementation of an Enterprise Service Management (ESM) solution has enabled it to deliver excellent administrative services to staff and students.

NUS’ continued growth had given rise to various disparate stand-alone systems in different administrative departments, leading to a poor user experience for staff and students who were confused as to what to do to make a service request.

To address this, NUS understood it needed an integrated digital Service Management Tool (SMT), and eventually decided to adopt a cloud-based ESM from Ivanti for its SMT. The initial implementation of the SMT brought the university’s HR, Procurement and Finance services together in a one-stop platform called NUService Hub, resulting in increased user satisfaction and service delivery standards, as well as significant expected cost and manpower savings.

Results of NUS using the SMT Solution

  • Increased user satisfaction – User satisfaction increased to 73% on the full launch of services in Phase 1, compared to 58% at the initial soft launch. Users can track requests in real-time without the frustration of not knowing about the status of their requests.
  • Improved service delivery standards – Significant improvement in service delivery standards with a single touch point for service requests instead of disparate, standalone systems and manual forms, Fulfillers have various dashboards to monitor requests assigned to their teams, letting them keep track of deadlines and aging tickets as well as the team’s workload. This enables them to meet service level agreements (SLA) while reducing unserved requests.
  • Reduced user waiting time – Expected reduction of 5,000 days in user waiting time over the next 5 years, which will also lead to improved user satisfaction.
  • Headcount Savings – Expected savings in EFTE (Equivalent Full-time Employees) with the streamlining of the workflows for an anticipated 850,000 service requests over the next 5 years, up from 21,000 currently.


” We are pleased with the successful implementation of the Enterprise Service Management System. It serves as a common platform to track services rrequests across different core business functions at NUS providing real-time data on service levels and completion date.

Mr. Roy Tan, Director, NUS Agililty Office, Office of the President, NUS.


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