Cloud-X Simplifies Multi-Cloud Management

Cloud computing has transformed how businesses operate, manage data, and communicate. It has led to advanced capabilities such as data analytics, agile processes and scalable business models. Worldwide cloud adoption is growing exponentially and is expected to reach USD623.3 billion by 2023.

Catch The Wave and Propel Your Business

Companies can transform themselves to be on the Cloud business bandwagon and not turn away when the following buzzwords are mentioned. These buzzwords are the 1st indications that your customers are looking for cloud deployment. Recalling hearing them from someone, somewhere, somehow?

Cloud migration

Additional cloud purchases

Data centre consolidation to Cloud

Data centre control centralisation

Developing a new environment

Cloud service subscriptions

Cloud security requirement

Workload shift to cloud

Common Challenges and Hesitations

“We always wanted to do Cloud Business, BUT………” You are not alone as most traditional partners are facing similar challenges as you. The common challenges and hesitations will be:

  • 1. How do I start a cloud business?

  • 2. What can I sell in cloud business?

  • 3. I have no manpower or expertise to do this business?

  • 4. How to make a profit if the pricing is transparent everywhere?

  • 5. What additional value can I provide my customers?

  • 6. What are the legal aspects to watch out for as a cloud services provider?

  • 7. How do I support multi-cloud environments?

  • 8. Which business processes can I digitise and automate?

  • 9. My Operations team is not ready to support flexible billing schedules

Engage with TruVisor and Start the Journey!


TruVisor believed in Channel 1st mentality and work with a Channel 1st strategy. Success in future proofing your business, penetrate new market, improving your company valuation, and simplifying the operation is our common goals. Call us NOW to find out more on TruVisor’s One-Platform Business Transformation journey with you.