Are you getting what you paid for with ServiceNow?

Learn why a growing number of IT leaders are turning to Cherwell

Many organizations like yours have invested in ITSM software with the goal of modernizing your IT operations, improving productivity, and in the process, enhancing overall experience for your employees. Years later those same organizations are now asking themselves, have I achieved those goals. Is the value delivered worth the high price? It’s these questions that have propelled Cherwell to become the clear alternative to ServiceNow*. Cherwell has earned a reputation for helping its customers achieve:

  • Rapid time to value

  • Increase use of automation and employee self-service

  • Driving towards a much lower TCO

*Source: Gartner 1Q2020 Inquiry Data


1. Why is Cherwell the best alternative?

According to a 2019 IDC study, on average, organizations that made the switch from ServiceNow, BMC and other enterprise ITSM solutions, have experienced a 5X ROI within 5 years*.

Explore some of the benefits our customers have experienced:

Quicker time to value

Dartmouth-Hitchcock executed a single-day launch of 14 Epic applications without disrupting patient care.


Reduce operating expenses

ITSM can cut operating expenses by 12% and service request fulfillment costs by 30%.


More users. Fewer Licenses

The University of New Mexico can support almost 300 system shift workers with just 95 licenses.


Transform employee experience

Heidelberg Cement made the switch and saw 22% faster ticket resolution and a 35% increase in employee satisfaction.


Drive higher employee productivity

IDC found that ITSM delivers an annual average of 65 more hours of productive time per 100 employees, and handled 21% more requests.


Streamline work processes

A recent information workers’ survey found that 90% of employees said they could do more when processes are integrated across the organization.


2. What does Cherwell offer?

Whether you need to configure your ITSM or ESM environment, expand existing mApps’ capability, or develop new mApps to meet the specific needs of your business, Cherwell provides the industry's best combination of comprehensive Service Management features, flexibility, and ease of administration. This results in faster and less costly initial deployments, quicker rolling out of enhancements, new processes or services, and smoother upgrades.

The Cherwell Core Platform is the foundation for solutions like IT service management, human resources service delivery, facilities management, and security & risk management. This platform integrates with 100+ pre-built, standardized, third-party applications and orchestration packs for cloud services and management solutions, so you can easily automate workflows for a variety of business processes.

  • Engagement services empower users to report and resolve issues with self-service portals.

  • The automation engine enables users to create sophisticated workflows without scripting or coding.

  • Integration services facilitate development via APIs, through out-of-the-box solutions, or in as-a-service mode.

  • Dashboard analytics reveal leading indicators and trend analysis and provide access to data.

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3. No Code, Low-Code Removes Complexity

According to Lawless, companies that has reached matured stage of digital transformation are largely using no-code or low-code platforms. Cherwell’s no-code drag and drop configuration enable more citizen developers, apart from professional developer to participate in your transformation project - which will greatly speed up the process. Imagine putting the capability to extend transformation maturity into the hand of your employees who best understand your work process.

No code or low code advantages:

  • Greater ease of use

  • Unmatched accessibility (for professional or citizen developers alike)

  • Faster development and implementation

  • Lower cost

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4. Flexible to Extend and Integrate

Cherwell and community partners provide hundreds of extensions, enhancements, third-party integrations, and complete solutions that run on the common platform and can be downloaded from the Cherwell Marketplace. All Cherwell and most of the community content is also available at no additional cost. Extending yourself via codeless configuration and the comprehensive RESTful API further broadens the prebuilt content. You can combine also automated actions into reusable Action Blocks to further streamline configuration, integration, and development.

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5. Omni-Channel Support for Innovative User Experience

Cherwell CORE provides a comprehensive set of options for enabling employee and customer experiences to match the needs of your business. Cherwell CORE simplifies and accelerates ITSM and ESM workflows, enhancing the employee experience with the widest possible set of choices for requesting a service, reporting a problem, or checking status of an incident that is underway.

Here are some use cases:

  • Service Desk

    Call into the support desk or visit in person with full walk-up service desk capability

  • Web Portal

    Access CSM using a browser on your laptop or mobile device, with a seamless experience on either

  • Email

    Open a ticket to report a problem or request a service by sending an email to the CSM system

  • CVA

    Access the Cherwell Virtual Agent to launch an incident using natural language

  • Slack App

    Launch an incident, check incident status, or resolve an incident from within Slack

  • Desktop App

    Log and manage incidents, report on status and results, and update/modify workflows as needed

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See what our customers are saying (Testimonial / Case Study)

See what the analyst are saying (Gartner’s Magic Quadrant etc.)

Need more proof? See what the ITSM Data Quadrant Report from Info-Tech reveals about Cherwell vs. ServiceNow.

Find out how easy it is to migrate

Migrations can be painful, we know. But we have a long and growing list of customers that have made the switch and never looked back. Whether you choose the Cherwell Professional Services team or one of our certified partners, we have a proven methodology that provides a clear strategy to mitigate risk, expedite knowledge transfer and accelerate adoption:

  • A repeatable method of transitioning customers from JavaScript to no-code business process automation

  • eBonding between systems to ensure data integrity and increase efficiency

  • Enhanced data insights converting ServiceNow static reports to Cherwell's unlimited access, real-time Dashboard Engine

  • Workshops and guides to come along side your team every step of the way to ensure they have the resources in place to come up to speed quickly and deploy rapidly


Cherwell is committed to delivering quick value to your organization, just ask our customers.

"Implementing Cherwell was one of the easiest ITSM implementation I had ever done. Cherwell is easy to customize our Enterprise Service Management needs."

$500M-$1B Transportation Company
(Source: Gartner PeerInsights)

"Codeless architecture makes installation and configuration a dream. Virtually no limit to capabilities. Couldn't recommend highly enough!"

Government Agency
(Source: Gartner PeerInsights)

"Had a great experience working with a knowledgeable and friendly professional services team. The initial project went better than expected."

$500M-$1B Transportation Company
(Source: Gartner PeerInsights)

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