Total Control, Everywhere: Secure, Monitor, and Manage All Your Devices. 

42Gears, a top-rated Unified Endpoint Management provider acknowledged by Gartner, delivers advanced solutions to revolutionize the digital workspace. Its flagship SureMDM UEM solution safeguards and oversees various devices, including Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, and Windows, alongside AstroFarm, a dedicated mobile app testing platform.

Mobile Device Management (SureMDM) Solution

SureMDM is a device management solution preferred by beginners and seasoned IT professionals alike. Using a single pane of glass IT admins can secure, monitor, and manage any devices and perfectly complements its easy-to-understand interface with a rich, powerful functionality set.

Before you answer the question “What is Mobile Device Management”, it’s important to understand why it matters so much. Choosing to implement a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution from SureMDM helps organisations mitigate risks and provides a wide range of benefits.

Save time by setting up apps and content on many devices at once from a central console, and push updates.

Lower maintenance costs by replacing many in-person repairs with remote troubleshooting via a device management solution.

Improve stakeholder confidence by bolstering your network’s security and ease of management.

Establish clear boundaries for worker owned devices (BYOD) to manage sensitive data without overstepping personal boundaries.

Prevent device loss with constant inventory tracking, and use location-tracking to find and secure misplaced devices.

Boost productivity by blocking access to games and entertainment via the on-device MDM app.

Kiosk Software (SureLock) Solution

SureLock is a device lockdown solution that turns off-the-shelf devices into secure, dedicated-purpose kiosks. It ensures that the end user cannot tamper with lockdown settings unless equipped with a special password.

A dedicated Mobile Device Management solution with SureMDM will enable organizations to secure devices, mitigate risks, as well as provide a host of benefits to both IT departments and device users. Choosing to implement a mobile device management solution with SureMDM provides businesses with a wide range of benefits:


  • Gain higher control over mobile devices and applications
  • Transform any devices into dedicated purpose devices
  • Prevent device misuse and secure them against unauthorized public access
  • Improve device performance and shelf life
  • Reduce device maintenance time and cost
  • Monitor and regulate data usage
  • Ensure higher employee productivity
  • Ensure driver safety by preventing mobile devices from distracting drivers
  • Improve customer experience

Secure Enterprise Web Browser (SureFox) Solution

SureFox is a secure browser solution that restricts users to only specific approved websites and turns any device to a secure web kiosk. Businesses can make access to the Internet available wherever and whenever users need it, without the risks often tied to Internet use.

With SureFox kiosk browser software, businesses can make the Internet available wherever and whenever users need it, without the risks often tied to Internet use. These include:

Save money by making inexpensive off-the-shelf devices into secure web-enabled kiosks.

Improve user productivity by restricting users to only the site(s) or web app(s) admins add to an “allow list” in advance.

Maximize device uptime by blocking potential malware downloads.

Adapt to new Web content dynamically with keyword filtering.

Improve the customer experience by adding a custom backgrounds.

Optimize browser settings with analytics tools that show how users interact with the kiosk browser app.

Lower repair-related travel costs by changing kiosk browser lockdown settings remotely on many devices at once via SureMDM, the 42Gears mobile device management solution.

Digital Signage Kiosk (SureVideo) Solution

SureVideo is a digital signage solution play back many types of media and resist tampering, ideal for retail, entertainment, or any other industry where secure signage makes a difference.

Designed to help manage video kiosks, digital signage kiosk management solutions allow businesses to:

Configure playlists containing ads, images, product videos, or any business-related content on devices across locations.

Manage a fleet of Android, Windows, and iOS digital signage kiosks centrally.

Enable kiosk mode on devices being used as digital signage screens and convert them into single-purpose devices and prevent device misuse by blocking access to settings.

Live stream content from various channels.


Shared Contacts For Teams

AstroContacts is an enterprise contact management solution that helps employees quickly find and connect with their co-workers.

Centralized Contact Management Access contacts within a team or organization on your iOS or Android device.

IT Control Contact directory fully controlled by the company.

Self Service Employee can access contacts and modify them based on access control.

Integrates with existing platforms Directly launch phone, text messaging app, Skype, WhatsApp to communicate.

Simple Initial Setup Available on App Store, Google Play. Easy to setup.

Alert and Event Reminders Common dashboard for employees to view alerts and event reminders etc.


Your Device Farm, Your Way-Maintenance-Free, Maximum Productivity

AstroFarm is a unique private mobile device farm solution that empowers your team of developers and testers to access your company’s devices from anywhere, at any time.

Maximize ROI on Devices You Already Own By building a device farm for mobile app testing, you can make devices available for your team in your personalized testing environment 24/7. Moreover, if you have a private device farm, you no longer have to buy the same device model for each location.

Build a Cloud Environment that can Evolve Over Time Scale up and/or down as needed, ensuring optimal resource utilization.

Specially Curated for Hybrid and Fully Remote Enterprises AstroFarm can be built remotely without having to be physically present at a location. You can provide your employees with full device access even while they are working from home.

Device Security in Your Hands Public device cloud poses security risks as a device can be accessed by multiple users. By connecting devices you already own, device security is in your hands.

Choose the Sustainable Way Maximize your ROI and reduce e-waste by making the most of your existing devices. AstroFarm also helps you cut back on freight transportation so you can reduce your carbon footprint.

SureMDM Hub

Scalable and Affordable Tenant Hub for MSPs and Resellers

Offer seamless, secure, and scalable mobile device management services to multiple customers from a single admin console.



The SureMDM Hub architecture allows you to manage multiple customer tenants from a single admin console while keeping customers’ data separated from each other.


Swift Distribution & Management

Quickly distribute and manage licenses across tenants.


Seamless Updates

Make new features available to all tenants at once.


Affordable MDM solution with Minimal Upkeep

Spend less on maintenance with SureMDM Hub’s simple backend infrastructure.



The Hub’s UI is designed to have all the functions you need at your fingertips.



Industry-leading capabilities for security, configuration, customization, and access control.


Flexible Deployments

The SureMDM Hub architecture supports both cloud and on-Premise deployments.


Incident Communication Solution for Agile IT

AstroStatus is a user-friendly incident communication solution that helps incident management and response teams automate incident monitoring and communication for their cloud-hosted software. The solution facilitates communication of service outages and scheduled maintenance to internal teams and customers through personalized status pages and real-time notifications.

Reduce support costs and the volume of support requests by proactively communicating incidents and scheduled maintenance to all end users in advance.

Increase customer trust by displaying historical uptime and real-time system data on the AstroStatus page.

Meet SLAs with AstroStatus’s timely incident updates within the portal and showcase your server uptime.

Never miss a critical alert for your team and immediately begin resolution to ensure reliability and credibility among end users.

Why 42Gears?

  • Comprehensive Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Suite managing a mobile workforce effectively.
  • Platform Agnostic Approach
  • Focus on Security in Cost Affordable Solutions
  • Scalability and Customization Flexibility ensures that the solution grows with the business.

SureMDM, The Enterprise Mobility Solution

A comprehensive Enterprise Mobility Solution that lets you secure, manage and monitor content and applications on both business and employee-owned devices from one intuitive central web console.