VNG implements HP Service Manager to boost IT service delivery and communications

VNG Corporation deploys HP Service Manager to resolve incidents more efficiently, speed up reporting and enhance communications between teams.

“With HP Service Manager, we have gained a powerful IT Service Management (ITSM) tool that allows staff to provide efficient support services to customers. Now we can readily measure service availability, an important Key Performance Indicator (KPI). Current information indicates that we are correctly dealing with 99 per cent of incidents.” Nguyen Hoanh Tien, vice president - head of operations, VNG Corporation


VNG Corporation needed IT Service Management (ITSM) tools to generate data about problems, deal with incidents more efficiently, speed up reporting and enhance communications between teams.


VNG Corporation needed IT Service Management (ITSM) tools to generate data about problems, deal with incidents more efficiently, speed up reporting and enhance communications between teams.

IT improvements

  • HP Service Manager forms a standardized ITSM platform to record incidents, changes and problems, creating a more efficient IT service environment.

  • A fully integrated IT service desk decreases problem resolution times, increasing service availability.

  • The ITSM platform enhances communications between teams by 30 per cent leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

  • A rapid reporting capability produces monthly operation quality reports in two days rather than two weeks which is an 85 per cent improvement.

Business outcomes

  • An all-embracing view of operations aligns IT more closely with the business, improving service delivery and the end-user experience.

  • Business focused IT and help-desk personnel are more productive, saving time and money.

  • Efficient problem resolution enhances service availability, protecting revenues; 99 per cent of incidents are resolved correctly.

  • Faster reporting provides a clearer view of operations, leading to better decision making.

VNG Corporation, a major Vietnamese Internet company, operates from a seven-story building in Ho Chi Minh City and several regional offices. Established in 2004, it was the first organization to launch online gaming in Vietnam. Today, the company’s distribution network reaches the majority of the country’s 15,000 internet cafés, which serve a thriving gaming community by distributing VNG’s prepaid gaming cards. The company is also ranked number two in Web traffic from Vietnam and it offers hosting and payment processing services.

Business Technology Optimization (BTO) strategy

Like all major online organization, VNG’s business relies heavily on IT to support its day-to-day activities. The company operates an advanced data center and a customer service center in Ho Chi Minh City and another customer service center in the capital, Hanoi.

To play popular games such as ‘Swordsman Online’ and ‘Nine Dragons’ running on the company’s machines, gamers purchase a prepaid scratch-card at an internet café for either 20,000 Dong (approximately US$1) or 60,000 Dong (approximately US$3). After transferring the value of the card into ‘game money’, they use it to access games and buy gaming items, loot, secrets or martial art skills, which bring the games to life. VNG’s other major services include social network, news, online music and e-commerce.

The company’s infrastructure comprises approximately 2,000 assorted servers and various storage devices. Dedicated teams of professionals deliver IT services to the business’s product and customer support teams via a large help desk to ensure that the infrastructure functions effectively. As part of its Business Technology Optimization (BTO) strategy, VNG wanted to deliver efficient IT services by introducing IT Service Management (ITSM).

Lack of ITSM tools limits IT service delivery

“Our IT team did not have a central system to aid communications and relied on emails and telephone calls,” explains Trung Le Thanh, head of technical operations management, VNG Corporation. “Consequently, we could not analyze the status of our operations because we did not record information about incidents, changes and problems. We needed ITSM tools to generate data about problems, deal with incidents more efficiently, speed up reporting, assess service availability and, most importantly, enhance communications between teams.” ITSM combines process management and industry best practices into a standardized approach that enables organizations to deliver quality IT services, meets business needs and adheres to service-level agreements. VNG approached two other vendors and TruVisor Pte Ltd, an HP Software Gold Business Partner, based in Singapore, to recommend an appropriate solution. TruVisor arranged a proof-of-concept to demonstrate its proposition, the HP Service Manager portfolio of software solutions.

“What we found especially attractive about HP Service Manager was its flexibility and how we could readily customize workflows. It also provided users with the right feel and offered good value for money,” continues Le Thanh. “Moreover, TruVisor clearly understood the problems associated with our operations and proposed a solution that matched our business requirements well.”

Comprehensive ITSM solution

The HP ITSM solution involves HP Service Management Center which primarily consists of HP Service Manager 7, a comprehensive and fully integrated IT Service Desk suite that decreases problem resolution times. The suite contains six Foundation components, a Help Desk and a Configuration Management module to document the attributes of each configured item within VNG’s infrastructure. The Foundation elements deal with base access, web and window clients, reporting and customization, as well as system integration and administration.

The Help Desk comprises several application modules to manage calls, changes, incidents, problems, end-user interactions (self-service ticketing), service availability and service desk requests. Moreover, it incorporates HP Knowledge Management to help VNG build it’s own self-support library. “During deployment, we had very good support from the TruVisor team. They helped us to incorporate and configure all the modules quickly,” says Le Thanh.

Improved communications speed up problem resolution and reporting

Nowadays, VNG has powerful ITSM tools at its disposal. HP Service Manager presents precise information about incidents, changes and problems, providing the company with an all-embracing view of operations. This capability enhances service availability and decision making, and protects revenues.

By adopting Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) v2 and ITSM, this standardized approach aids catalogue-based service request management, lowers the number of user requests and automates dynamic configuration updates and problem management, which previously created repeat incidents. Furthermore, it automates integrated configuration and asset management.

In addition, a fully integrated IT service desk has decreased problem resolution and reporting times. The IT team currently deals with 99 per cent of incidents correctly and VNG could not assess this in the past. Communications between the company’s IT, call centre and product teams have improved too.

“We now have a central information repository for our 100-strong team and, most importantly, a clear communications channel. We estimate communications are 30 per cent faster. From a reporting perspective, we produce comprehensive management reports about our operational status in two days rather than two weeks,” comments Le Thanh.

The HP Knowledge Management self-service modules represent another important milestone in the company’s on-going BTO strategy. It reduces help-desk calls significantly and end-users experience faster IT service delivery via improved workflows. Consequently, help-desk personnel are more productive and they can focus on important tasks rather than dealing with a barrage of incidents.

“The HP ITSM solution has radically changed the way we work by aligning IT services more closely to our business needs. We are looking forward to deploying the HP Universal Configuration Management Database (uCMDB) component of HP Service Manager as it will provide a better understanding of what we own and the different relationships between each device,” concludes Le Thanh.

Customer solution at a glance:

Primary applications

  • Business Technology Optimization (BTO)

  • IT Service Management (ITSM)

  • Operations management

  • Problem management

  • Process management

  • Incident management

  • Change management

  • Request management

  • Knowledge Management

  • End-user self service (ESS)

Primary software

  • HP Service Manager 7.10

  • HP Service Manager IT Service Desk (Call Management)

  • HP Service Manager Foundation – Base Access component

  • HP Service Manager Foundation – Web and Windows clients component

  • HP Service Manager Foundation – Reporting Analytics component

  • HP Service Manager Foundation – Integration capabilities component

  • HP Service Manager Foundation – Systems Administration component

  • HP Service Manager Foundation – Customization and Tailoring component

  • HP Service Manager Configuration Management module

  • HP Service Manager Change Management module

  • HP Service Manager Request Management module

  • HP Service Manager Incident Management module

  • HP Service Manager Problem Management module

  • HP Service Manager Knowledge Management module (self service)

  • HP Service Manager Help Desk Self-Service Ticketing