Certis, a leading advanced integrated security company, aims to revamp the management of its multi-disciplinary security and integrated services offered across Singapore. The company weaves together advanced security, technology, customer support, and facilities management to secure key installations nationwide, earning a primary position in the nation’s cash ecosystem.

The Challenges

Certis Technology Services (CTS) provides field maintenance support on security assets all over the country, and it is powered by a central management system that oversees roaming Field Engineers and more than 20,000 case tickets per month.

With an ever-growing team and heightened demand of services, the Command Centre, built upon basic silo tools and applications, soon became obsolete. Keeping track of the increasing amount of information became exceedingly challenging and resulted in reduced efficiency in deploying resources, as well as missed deliverables, and lower productivity.

The Solution

Recognising the inefficiencies of their existing system and the need for a replacement, CTS sought the expertise of TruVisor to explore possible Service Management solutions.

TruVisor developed a solution that firstly, caters to the needs of CTS in supporting the dynamic and expanding team and secondly, future-proofs the management of core workflow processes.

The solution entails a Field Service Mobile Application (FSM) that is developed to track CTS’s field assets, parts inventory, as well as all scheduled and ad-hoc maintenances. The Command Centre and Field Engineers can enable the solution through a web portal and FSM.

The prime features of FSM promote an inherently data-driven culture that essentially increases efficiencies in the management of Field Engineers and resources.

The web portal reveals the real-time status and location of individual Field Engineer on a live map overlay, empowering the command centre to make critical business decisions, such as assigning jobs to the most appropriate Field Engineer based on location, availability, and skill as soon as a new case ticket is received. All this is within the reach and recommendation of a central system due to the stream of data at hand.

The system also utilises a vital reporting tool that generates custom performance metrics in a personalised dashboard, providing a consolidated view of team performance and available resources. With the FSM System, CTS is able to merge the command centre’s workflow and communications into a singular platform, putting an end to siloed information and inefficiencies.

By equipping Field Engineers with FSM, engineers can access vital information such as work schedules and active cases instantaneously, enabling them to perform their duties more competently. The FSM is available off-line even in areas with poor reception, and any updates from Field Engineers will be sent when connectivity is restored.

The digitisation of work records is evident as engineers are able to instantly update the case status together with work details and supporting images on the FSM. This adds transparency and accountability to the system, and allows for rapid response towards unexpected events before these escalate to pose a risk to any Service Level Agreements (SLA).

The Result

TruVisor’s solution has transformed the core business processes of CTS and brought forward the much-needed mobility, flexibility, and visibility to govern disperse employees and resources. Certis experienced an estimated 30% increase in productivity level and reported greater customer satisfaction.
By integrating TruVisor’s solution, CTS held better accountability and transparency over their workflow processes. Adding on, CTS was able to leverage the platform’s capabilities to help managers make tactical business decisions, identify key performers within departments, and streamline resource planning.